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Halloween Costumes – Everyone’s Fun Times !




Halloween is the time of year we get to dress as someone else for a while – which, as we all know, is a lot of fun!  Adults, children, and household pets can all enjoy dressing up in their Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes are often graphically gruesome, but they can also be pretty or heroic.  You could also dress as a movie character.

Here are the five themes that are typically very popular choices for Halloween.

1.  Top of the list are Zombie costumes modeled after the many zombie movies out now.  frozen

2.  Topping the list for kids are costumes from the movie “Frozen” movie.  Elsa & Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and any of the others – whichever you want to be. come in second.  You can make costumes for all the characters, or buy them in stores or online.

3.  Theme number 3 is yet another movie.  These costumes are from the new movie Batman VS Superman.

Men and boys can be Batman, looking dashing, courageous and powerful, along with the cape and ears.  Or for those that want super powers – Superman Costumes will work GREAT ! !

And girls aren’t left out. You can find some fantastic Batgirl costumes.  Batman, Batgirl and the Joker from Batman Dark Knight are the most popular Batman costumes this year.

4.  Cleopatra costumes for girls and women are also very popular at the moment. Of course, they are all styled somewhat differently.

Girls are loving the Cleopatra costume that comprises a flowing white dress with gold and Nile blue collar, belt, cape and wrist cuffs. There is also a gold headpiece for the Queen of the Nile.

5.  Next are the costumes, gloves and helmets from the video game, Halo 3 Master Chief.

This one is for the boys!  You can get it in adult and teen sizes.  As well as regular costume quality, there’s also a supreme edition for adults.  This one includes a high quality dark quilted jumpsuit with EVA molded armor, molded gauntlets, and boot tops, and a two-piece deluxe Master Chief helmet.

Of course, it all comes down to choosing what works for YOU, and being whoever you want to be!  VAMPIRES – VAMPIRES – VAMPIRES ! !

Batman Costumes


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Scary Halloween Masks






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American drinkers cant tell the difference between whiskey and rye, says study


Whiskey tasters couldn’t tell the difference between bourbon and rye– but they could distinguish Jim Beam spirits. (Beam Suntory)

Cocktail aficionados may talk a big game, but when it comes to identifying certain liquors, average Americans cant really tell the difference.

According to a new study completed by researchers at Drexel University published in the Journal of Food Science, the average person cannot discern between bourbon whiskeya corn-based spiritand ryewhich is made from mostly grain.

Dr. Jacob Lahne, who led the study, started with 21 participants who were each presented trays with 10 mystery whiskeys half filled with bourbon, the other half rye. The subjects were randomly instructed to only smell, not taste each libationa procedure which matches testing for Scotch whisky evaluation. The participants were asked to group their samples by any criteria they wished.

A few days later, the subjects came back to the lab and were again presented with the same whiskey in the same order– but the second time around, the spirits bore brand name labels. Participants were again asked to sort the spirits. 

Once the subjects finished sorting, Lahne and his team used statistical analysis to interpret the results. The researchers determined that the average participant did not order his poisons according to mashbill (i.e. what the spirit was made from), but was instead swayed by products label and all the information available including years aged, alcohol content and the type of cask used.

For example, Lahne noted that most participants put Jim Beam spirits together. The distiller makes both bourbons and ryes but both have a characteristic peanut smell which Lahne surmised caused subjects to assume they were of the same mash.

There is definitely a tendency for bartenders to talk about how some drinks should absolutely be made with bourbon or rye, and I think its clear now that there is more flexibility, Lahne said in a press release

In a way its fun and exciting it gives you a bigger universe to play with.

According to researchers, this study contradicts the popularly held belief that the mashbill of American whiskey is what determines the spirit’s smell and taste. For untrained consumers, the study says, whiskey sensory properties are more associated with producer, age, and alcohol contentin other words, attributes that can actually be read on a label. 

Current standards for bourbon and rye have shifted over the years. Today a true bouron must have a mashbill more than 50 percent corn and rye must come from at least 50 percent rye grain. Bourbon is usually described as being sweeter and caramel-like, while rye is known for being earthier and sharper. But Lahne says the way certain distillers mass produce today has led to a closer relationship between the two brown spirits.

The Drexel team plans to dig deeper into how sensory attributeslike why Jim Beam smells like peanuts– are linked to production variables like alcohol volume and chemical makeup.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2016/04/28/american-drinkers-cant-tell-difference-between-whiskey-and-rye-says-study/

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