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anyone know where i can find a midevil looking cape for my toddler’s princess costume?

i live in wisconsin and i know it’s usually really cold around the end of october. I recently went and bought my 3 year old a princess costume from halloween express. i wanted to go with something a little warmer but all of the really warm costumes were either made cheap or too expensive. this one isn’t that warm but it was priced right and does not look cheap.
would it be better to buy a cape or make one myself? here is a picture of the costume what color cape would look best with the costume (should i go with a blue color if so what color blue should i go with? or should i go with another color?) also where do they sell toddler capes or where can i find a pattern?

Well thats a pretty costume!! I would buy a black or a very dark blue cape. hoped it helped… and you can go to Hobby Lobby or Micheals…

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