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cheapest place online to buy sexy halloween costumes?

Sexy cop
or Nurse
or sexy fbi agent.

Hey there,

Well I did a bit of searching for you and found some pretty awesome costumes for each of the things you were lookin for, I searched a site called www.CostumeFind.com, anywhom, their prices seemed pretty reasonable and I am an el-cheapo when it comes to these things, but defiantly cool selection on this site…

Sexy Cop Costumes

Corrections Cory (this is like a sexy corrections officer style costume, pretty sweet)

Sexy Agent (It reminds me of an FBI style SWAT agent costume, but defiantly sexy)

CSI (Well the name says it all lol, it is like a CSI investigator style sexy costume, it is like the naughty good girl look)

Here is a link to the page I found those on, I just figured I would pick a few favorites 🙂

I also looked for nurses, and what do you know lol apparently they are kinda a popular costume, but most of them looked the same, I did find one that stood out…


Here is a link to the page I found those on as well, just incase you wanted to take a second look, but that “Very Naughty Nurse” costume is defiantly my fav.


Hope I was able to help, Have a happy and safe Halloween. 🙂 Take care and best wishes,

Ethan T….

Halloween Costumes Ideas Online

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