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cheap halloween costumes homemade
homemade halloween costume ideas for a 16 month old baby?

good morning everyone, i need a costume idea for my baby, he will be 16 months old, but it has to be cheap, we are going to our church’s fall harvest festival party, where they judge the costumes, but they ask you spend under 10 dollars on them. so people who don’t have much money to spend on a costume aren’t up against 100 dollar costumes

so i need ideas for homemade, cheap costumes. thank you so much.
if it matters, my husband is going to be a woman, blonde curly wig, purple long dress with a wrap or gold formal dress, not sure how the gold will look with the blonde wig, hose, heels, the whole nine, he’s been practicing walking in heels for a couple of weeks, he’s getting pretty good. lol,

and i’m going as a man, in a tux, my hair tucked under a man’s hair wig.

and i’m going
i was thinking of doing a play on the baby theme, like wings to make him a fairy, or a bow and arrow and wings and a red diaper so he’s cupid, or something like that. thanks

Do one of those half man/half woman costumes. Go to the thrift store and try to get clothing to match as close as to what y’all are wearing in color as possible, cut the dress and suit in half, stitch halves together, do the hair and make up half and half, and viola a costume that goes with mom and dad’s outfits.

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