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Dog Halloween costumes

Halloween is the traditional kid’s holiday which is pure fun. The kids are all spiffed out in their favorite pretend character costume, ready with a Halloween basket to gather up a bunch of treats. What about the family dog? The well behaved woofer deserves to join in the fun, going house to house, standing guard on the sidewalk with Mom or Dad as the kids scamper up to the door to receive their treats. Naturally, dog Halloween costumes should be worn, too. Now, you may think, “What? Another costume to pull together?” However, dog Halloween costumes are a snap … your woofer isn’t nearly so particular as the kids about his or her costume! Here we’ve got some easy ways for your pooch to be a Halloween sensation.

Boo! Yes, the ghost dog makes the woofer feel like he’s the most impressive dog on the Halloween circuit. This Halloween dog costume requires an old white sheet, some day-glow stickers and a strip of cloth, decorated with glitter and then wrapped around his regular collar. Use pinking shears to cut the hem a few inches above the ground all around. With a glitter marker, write a bodacious ‘BOO!” on a piece of construction paper, to hang around his neck. Presto, the ghost dog!

If your dog’s not a Poodle, she can be one for Halloween. Fashion lengths of white yarn into fluffy loops, stitch the loops in place by machine and attach to all the right places for a well groomed Poodle. This dog Halloween costume always draws giggles from kids and grownups alike, especially on larger, furrier breeds.

Most dogs like to chase cats. Dress Rover up like a cute little kitty for Halloween. The neighborhood cats won’t be fooled, but your dog will never know he’s kitty-for-a-day. Another attention-getting dog Halloween costume!

Here’s another simple costume that dogs enjoy as much as their human companions: buy a cheap dime store wig and streak it with a radical lime green, fire engine red or cool blue kit from the hair color aisle. Attach to your dog’s head with elastic, tied on like a bonnet, along with a pair of over-sized sunglasses. Some dogs will try to remove this costume, but most woofers are big show offs, so it’s worth a shot.

Most dogs don’t mind being fitted with some of the kid’s old tees or even dresses. Add a tiara or hat and doll jewelry (pop-beads are good), as appropriate and your dog will feel like a million bucks come Halloween. Cinderella never felt better!

If you’ve never tried putting lipstick on a dog, you’re missing out on a few laughs. Of course, you won’t want to use yours! Just get a cheap tube in the cosmetics section. Even if the woof licks it off in short order, your kids will love the effect!

Another bonus of dog Halloween costumes is that the well dressed dog may get a few extra treats tossed in the kid’s bags by entertained people handing out treats on Halloween night.

Don’t forget to pick up a box of dog biscuits to reward your party dog at evening’s end!

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