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Halloween Costumes Egyptian Princess

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halloween costumes egyptian princess
Turning a summer-y costume into one fitted for winter?

I want to be an egyptian princess for halloween. I have my costume all figured out, ( tan pants and shirt, tan cloth wrapped like a toga, make up, and wig) but if it’s colder then 65 degrees I don’t think I’ll be able to go trick-or-treating. Any suggestions?
Also, what should I do for authentic looking shoes, that are warm?

Add extra layers underneath. Thermal shirts and pants, full body leotards, anything that insulates you a little more. I wear a gargoyle costume in a haunted corn maze and though the suit itself is a leotard, with a few extra layers of tights and stretch pants underneath, I can keep myself warm on the coldest nights.

Egyptian Queen Makeup Tutorial + DIY Headdress!

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