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Halloween Costumes Good For Work

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halloween costumes good for work

Amazing Suggestions For Funny Halloween Costumes This Year

When it comes to Halloween, many individuals want to look at funny Halloween costumes for their events or for trick or treating. Now you ask , though, just how do you come up with the very best ideas for your fancy dress outfit? Well, it is simple. All you have to do is use the web and skim the best news stories going back a year or two. You will see numerous wonderful ideas that way.

So what on earth has been popular in the media? Think about Tiger Woods? As most everyone knows, he has been and even now is an exceedingly successful pro golfer who has received a huge amount of media exposure for several years for being so great at playing golf. In spite of this, it is not for his talents on the greens that he grabbed the news headlines lately. You would almost certainly have had to have been sitting on a deserted island not to be familiar with his admitted infidelity to his Swedish now ex-wife, Elin Nordgren. Unhappy as this appeared to be for the couple involved, it is definitely a great topic for a humorous Halloween party costume. You can get a great Tiger Woods mask available with bruising and an absent front tooth, and there is also a Cheetah Woods hat with a plush golf club twisted over it. Most likely you can imagine it!

Another candidate for funny Halloween costumes from the news headlines of the last 12 months, we should look to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. In April 2010, this was the location of a giant disaster when there was an explosion and fire, causing an oil spillage. Undoubtedly, this was an environmental disaster, but it was also a disaster for the owners of the oil rig, BP – equally with regards to the organization’s profits as well as for its relationship with the American government and people. And so yet again, you could use this funny Halloween costume idea? You can get a set of oil-soaked overalls bearing the BP logo. In this instance, BP is short for Bad Planning. Apply some greasepaint to the face and you will be all set to go with a truly topical example of funny Halloween costumes.

Lastly, someone who witnessed the 2010 MTV Music Awards, could hardly have failed to notice the Lady Gaga meat dress which evidently weighed 50 pounds. That’s right, she flaunted a costume constructed from real flesh and of course this proved to be quite questionable. Therefore, if you fancy being thrown to the wolves at a costume party, what about considering sporting a Lady Gaga meat dress this Halloween night? It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman to pull off this funny Halloween costumes idea with success. It is almost certainly not recommended to use real meat, for a whole number of factors, however you can use a meat costume, and you could incorporate a bit of additional gore by covering your face, arms and legs with synthetic blood. In this way, there will be no flies on you. Mind you, you can improvise and put artificial flies all over your ensemble – you will need to apply your own creativity for this one.

Hence, you can see just how simple it is to come up with great topical for funny Halloween costumes just by using a bit of research. We have mentioned two or three great targets, possibly you can dig up some more. What about a Charlie Sheen costume ?

Julie Hillier really loves everything to do with party events and particularly loves Halloween. She has several Halloween costume sites, for instance, there’s one all about funny mens costumes and another to funny womens costumes . Check out what’s hot this season.

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