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Halloween Costumes Grease Characters

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halloween costumes grease characters
Halloween Costume Ideas (for teens)?

I know it’s a little early in the season to be thinking about Halloween Costumes..
but one of my bff’s wants to be Daisy Duke for Halloween and our costumes always coordinate…
(There are four of us all together)
For example, one year we were all characters from Candy Land, one year we were Pink Ladies from Grease… etc.
I was thinking we could all be characters from movies or something, but I can’t think of any ideas!
Any cute costumes you can think of send mee!
(email: ohhxsoxblond@yahoo.com)

Since your friend likes the Daisy Duke idea, you could all just be cowgirls. I found a site (see below). They are all different kinds of costumes & styles, although some might be too revealing. The site should give you an idea. There’s all indian costumes at the bottom. You could be cowgirls & indians.

I also like the Fanta idea, which was mentioned before. I found a site (see below) where you can do it yourself & it also mentions in the site the 4 different girls.

Or, lastly, I think you could go as superheros (see below): Bat Girl, Elektra, Storm, & Wonder Woman, or whatever other superheros you can think of.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Blueman group halloween costume

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