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Halloween Costumes Greek Goddess

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halloween costumes greek goddess
I need help making a goddess costume for Halloween?

I am 13 and I would like to be a (Greek) goddess for Halloween. I need help though. I know how to make a sheet into the costume and all so don’t fret about that.

I need to know how to make a headband to go with the outfit, for one.

Some other things is that I’m worried I’ll look too much like an angel. What can I add to my costume to make it look more um…goddess-y? I have the outfit, sandals and a gold bracelet so far. 🙂

I love Greek Mythology, and the goddess’s are the easiest to dress as in my opinion. So you’ll probably need a warm brown color or a soft blonde for your hair. And it should be pretty long, tie it all up on your head and take a metal headband (spray it gold) and put it on.

For make-up you should put on eye liner, mascara and put some gold eye shadow on, and lightly put it on your arms and legs and neck, but don’t make it obvious, it shouldn’t really be seen but it gives that shining look.

Oh and for the dress, I am FRETTING 😀 You must have a gold belt 😀 lol For some reason I think goddess’s are in love with gold and silver, so try a gold belt (match your eye shadow and head piece) for shoes try some gold flats or high heels, something that wraps around your feet.

(please post a picture when your done, you inspired me to dress like a greek goddess but I also want to be Shilo Wallace from Repo)

And put on a bunch of gold bracelets and necklaces, paint your nails with clear or maybe a gold color, I think you should do clear since they didn’t have nail polish then (I think)

Extra Tips:
If you don’t have long hair, just pile it as best as you can or leave it down with braids.
You can change the gold into silver if you want.
You won’t look like an angel if you have gold or silver and long hair, I would be able to see this as a goddess 😀

Actually, you could try a look like Selena Gomez in A Year Without Rain she looks kinda like a goddess but with darker colors.

Greek Goddess Halloween Costume : SecretLifeofABionerd

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