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Halloween Costumes Men In Drag

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halloween costumes men in drag
Poll: should I take this bet to dress in drag for work?

At work yesterday some of the women were talking about how unfair it is that so much women’s clothing is uncomfortable to wear compared to men’s clothing. I joked that it was not so hard really and they should stop complaining, and after a few laughs some of them suggested that if I thought it was so easy I should try it so they dared me. Our office has a halloween costume contest every year and they bet me that I would not dare to dress in drag for it when it comes around in October. They say they would give me a makeover and get me the clothes, the make up, wig, shoes, everything. I would be dressed in a business suit for work and a little black party dress for a party afterwards. I don’t mind having a bit of fun and there are always good prizes in the contest, so do you think it is a good idea? Any advice?

Yeah, why not? its all fun and games. You should make them dress in suits and ties to see if they think it is comfortable. get good pictures!

Adult Costumes for Men : Dressing in Drag

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