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Halloween Costumes Orange Ca

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halloween costumes orange ca
Where to throw a Party in Orange County, CA?

Okay..so I’m turning 21 in October and I want to throw a Hotel Party, the thing is…i want my party to be a successful costume party, on Halloweens Eve, so obviously the people working at the hotel will know that there is a party going on, and i don’t want my party to be “raided” I need to know what hotel or any other location will be okay with people partying in there hotel rooms or in that certain particular location. I need any location that can have a successful party through out the night, please help?

yo my 21st bday is in sept. im looking at renting a vacation home in the same area. depending on your budget maybe you should google search “vacation homes for rent in oc ca”. it cost from $250-$1200 a night depending on how big and nicer you want it. they got all different homes. from condos to mansions. my first choice was a hotel but thats most likely to get raided. good luck.

Catholic Halloween Mass

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