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halloween costumes pets
Creative advice for pet Halloween costum for contest!?

I had previously posted about ideas for dressing up my Spike to enter a pet Halloween costume contest.
I am going to go with the rocker guy idea and see how that goes.
He has a skull harness, leash, and T-shirt, and I got him a spike collar. I am going to try to find a small play guitar to put on his back and some sunglasses. I also want to make him a mohawk, which is the main thing I would like advice about.
Any ideas on how I can make one? The only thing I can really think of doing is buying a small wig and cutting it down to size, also cutting and spiking up the hair. How can I spike up the hair and connect the mohawk and the sunglasses to the top of his head to where they will stay for a while and won’t hurt him?

Here is a pic of my bubbie…
Look into my eyes..

Thanks so much!!
Did you first two answerers even read my question?

Now, on to some REAL answers please.

i know this isn’t really any help but I just have to say he is sooo cute! I love bearded dragons!

Halloween Pet Costumes

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