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Throw A Fab 50s Costumes Get Together – Grease (the Movie) Is The Word!

You can toss a sock hop costume party this Halloween for youngsters, all those outdated adequate to keep in mind the iconic era and all those in in between ages. Partygoers can capture the innocence from the era or reflect the youth rebellion depicted in films such as Rebel Without a Cause or The Wild 1. Ladies can come across poodle skirt costumes and boys can generate Elvis costumes.

Yow will discover your fifties costume by rummaging via vintage shops or other costume shops. Having said that, you might find superior deals and more wide variety in on line outlets. For instance, yow will discover a full women’s sock hop costume for around $30. This kind of outfit comes with the skirt with a poodle patch, top and scarf. You may also discover the vital accessories for example the matching bobby socks and saddle shoes to total the outfit. People who wish to go all out may perhaps even find a ponytail wig or perhaps 50s cat eyeglasses.

Individuals of you who locate the inspiration for your 50s costumes in movies may possibly choose to come across Grease costumes so that you could come to be a Pink Lady or a Greaser. Women can get the sexy Sandy costume or the Frenchie wig depending on whom your preferred character is. Boys can get a Danny deluxe T-Bird jacket or perhaps a Danny wig if they choose to emulate that renowned Greaser.

Naturally, people that favor to capture the racier side of the 1950s can locate pin-up wigs in Bettie Page style. The spirit of young Elvis Presley might be discovered in a gold satin costume or his gold or silver concert glasses. You can even pick up an Elvis wig to get that famous pompadour just correct. Most of these styles and costumes are obtainable for youngsters as well, so you can have a family friendly sock hop costume celebration for all ages.

Once you toss your get together, you need to be sure that not only the costumes are authentic but also the food and decorations. You possibly can serve Coke or root beer floats, milkshakes with whipped cream and cherries, or good old-fashioned burgers and fries. You are able to use black and white checkered clothes, pink Cadillac cutouts and vinyl records for decorations. Games can incorporate hula hoop contests, drag races with toy cars, yo-yo contests or simply bubble gum blowing contests. There are several things you possibly can do to make certain you have a prosperous sock hop costume bash this Halloween.


Pink Ladies Costume

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