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halloween costumes tallahassee
Towing laws in Tallahassee Florida?

My daughter was towed while parked in a Blockbuster lot that was near a halloween costume store. She went back to the car to leave her purse and she could see them leaving with her car. Someone told her that they have to wait 45 mins b4 towing the car and she was planning to go tp blockbuster after she left the party store. I think the sign was confusing too , she has been towed b4 so she is familiar with the signs. Should she take the towing comp to small claims? Does she have a case? Poor thing had just broken up with jerk boyfriend and was already upset ..this was a bad day for her.

The weird thing is I think I saw that happening. Or at least one of the cases. I drove into blockbuster to a car being towed and walked out to another one being towed. I don’t know the actual laws, but I think they are having the placed watched since they are next to the halloween store, so really I don’t know if it’s breaking any rules. Also, it’s Tallahassee and they are the worst about towing, they make parking lots specifically to trick people into thinking they are in a visitor spot, they have no sympathy. Sorry!

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