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Halloween Costumes Teen Girls

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halloween costumes teen girls
what do you think of these ideas for halloween costumes for teen girls?

kk so me & my 3 other friends always have a theme with our costumes every year. (were all 12 years oldd..but my birthdays the day after halloween..so yeahh.) we were football players & referees, hippies, cheetah girls, etc. so im thinking of new ideas & this is wht i came up with so far:

The Wizard of Oz
& –the lion

Alice in Wonderland:
–Mad Hatter
–Queen of Hearts
–a Mad About You Costume..i dont think tht was a character in the movie..but when i looked up ‘alice in wonderland themed costumes’ into google it came up so..yeahh.

Crayon costumes in different colors (thanks to the one who gave me the idea for the crayonss :))

got any more suggestions for 4 tween girls? idk if theyd like wht i came up with..but i do..so yeahh. so anyway, suggestions??

Definitely fairies.I think you guys would be adorable as Tinker Bell and her crew. I am proud of you guys for staying within your age range (you even call yourselves tweens) very respectable keep up the good work ladies.

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