Halloween Costumes and Masks

Halloween Makeup

Theatrical Blood – $1.99

Blood is life! If you don’t have the stomach to transform into a real bloodsucker, try a tube of Theatrical Blood instead. We promise no one in the vampire community will think you’re a fraud. If anything, they’ll think your inventive.


Skeleton Makeup Character Kit – $14.99

Looking for a dramatic way to complete your skeleton costume that doesn’t involve hiding behind a mask all night? This skeleton makeup kit includes everything you need to create a realistic looking skull over your own face!

Highlight Makeup Sticks – $3.99

Create the perfect face with a package of Highlight Makeup Sticks. Your smile…your laugh… perfectly etched onto your creamy white skin. Be the clown of some little kids dreams with these amazing color sticks!

Cat Makeup Kit – $14.99

Looking for a way to take your tiger or lion costume to the next level? This cat makeup kit includes everything you need to achieve a detailed and unique look. Turn any cat costume into a memorable disguise!

Werewolf Makeup Kit – $12.99

Does a full moon tend to bring out your inner beast? If not, no need to worry because you can use this werewolf makeup kit to complete your transformation instead. The kit includes everything you need to achieve a realistic look to complete your werewolf costume!

Fairy Glitter Make Up – $2.99

What will they bedazzle next?! How about your face? That’s right with a tube of Fairy Glitter Make Up you can glitz and glamour to your face and body. Spread your wings and fly with a tube of glitter makeup!

Zombie Makeup Kit – $29.99

Looking to transform yourself into a decaying zombie but hoping to avoid the whole ‘having your brains eaten by a monster’ thing? This zombie makeup kit will help you achieve your undead makeover so you can attend your next party, pub crawl or zombie run with confidence.

Witch Makeup Kit – $14.99

If you want to really get into character this when you wear your witch costume, complete your look with this witch makeup kit. It includes everything you need to achieve an ugly, green complexion complete with an attachable mole!

Green Face Makeup – $4.99

Stay wickedly green with a palette of Green Face Makeup. Nothing scares a young girl and friends than a face full of green! This great palette come in multiple colors!

Fairy Ear Tips – $11.99

Fairy experts have called us crazy, but we think that the secret to fairy magic lies within their pointed ears! All of our extensive testing with these fairy ears has been inconclusive, but we did find out that it’s pretty fun to put them on and act like a fairy.

Horror Makeup Value Kit – $9.99

Oh the looks you can create once you’ve gotten this Horror Makeup Value Kit. It’s the perfect tool for the indecisive ghoul in you. From skeletons to vampires, this kit has it all, providing you don’t use all the makeup in one try!

Harry Potter Makeup Set – $4.99

Any true fans of the Harry Potter series will see right through your imposter costume if it doesn’t have a realistic scar. That’s where this Harry Potter makeup set comes into play. It has everything you need to add a realistic scar to your outfit, and it comes with instructions for an easy and painless transformation. Just add a magic wand and you’re ready to make a little magic this Halloween!


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