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Hot Halloween Costumes 2009

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hot halloween costumes 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas For 2009 – Original Must Wear Costumes For The Holiday Season

With Halloween just a Witches Broom trip away, no doubt you are looking for a costume to wear to the all important party. Here are a few ideas that might get your creative juices going.

Well, Barack Obama has been president less than a year and he has been through a few ups and downs in that time period. Obama face masks are all over and it would be a simple costume to pull off. Simply wear the mask and his trademark man of the people shirt and tie. Couples might want to pretend to be the first couple and go as Barack and Michelle.

Michael Jackson will probably be remembered more than ever this year as people continue to come to terms with his sad passing. What could be more apt for the scary Halloween season than the Thriller costume as worn by Michael. You can even get the Bad or Billy Jean outfits if they have more significance to you.

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Movies will always inspire costume ideas. The old classic movies, like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, pirates of the Caribbean to name just a few will always hold a place in most people’s costume hearts. However more recent film releases such as Transformers, GI Joe and Public Enemies will make characters like Optimus Prime, Snake Eyes, John Dillinger and gangster wear and gangsters molls high on the hit list of Halloween costume ideas for 2009.

New movies will always capture people’s imagination and inspire their costume choices. The soon to be released version of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton is sure to kick start interest in the peculiar and unique characters from the famous novel. The Mad Hatter will always be a popular choice  but also consider Alice herself, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum (great couple costume) and the Queen of Hearts.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ensure that children right around the globe will be anxious to dress up as the famous boy wizard for some years to come. A new film due for release in early 2010 should keep Harry as popular as ever.

As a left field costume idea, how about going as Susan Boyle. Her star seems to be on the wane of late but who can forget her memorable performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. With an album out in the next couple of months expect her to be back in the limelight. Practice your Scottish accent and your singing !

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Cheap Halloween Costumes 2009

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