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Infant Halloween Costumes Minnie Mouse

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Mickey Mouse Halloween Costumes For Everybody

As a child, I was really fascinated by the many Walt Disney Cartoons. And even I am now an adult, I still love watching cartoons of Walt Disney. Like any other Disney fan, Mickey Mouse is my favorite cartoon character. I really love Mickey Mouse, especially as a child. I have lots of Disney collectibles at home, like a Mickey Mouse Halloween Costume and a Minnie Mouse Figurine. Mickey, together with his Disney friends, have become an important part of our early years.


Mickey Mouse is the main mascot of Mr. Walt Disney’s company. In 1928, Mr. Disney and Ub Iwerks created this popular mouse. Originally, He was to be named Mortimer Mouse, but Mr. Disney’s wife Lillian said that it sounded too pompous and said that the name Mickey sounded more cute. He only intended Mickey to be a replacement to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, for he lost his rights to the latter character.


During Halloweens, a Mickey Mouse Halloween Costume is very popular, especially at costume parties. There are many good looking and comfortable Mickey Mouse costumes for both infants and toddlers. However, some adults also likes to go to costume parties as Mickey Mouse. And aside from the standard Mickey Mouse costume, you can have costumes of other versions of him like a classic Mickey or King Mickey from Kingdom Hearts.


A Mickey Mouse Halloween Costume can be also made by your own hands. It can sometimes be a lot cheaper, depending on the materials used, to make your own costume, instead of buying them. You can sew it yourself or have it made by a tailor. However, his ears are the most important part of a Mickey costume. Without his ears, you will not be Mickey even if your costume looks great. Fortunately, it is really easy to make his ears. You just need a headband and two round black things. Mickey ears are also available at your local or online store, if you would rather buy one.


A Mickey Mouse Halloween Costume is really popular during the Halloween season. It is perfect for both Trick-or-Treating or costume parties. This Halloween, if you want a fun and popular costume, then a Mickey costume is the one for you.

Minnie Mouse Costume Ideas

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