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How much fabric would I need and how would I go about making this?

I want a floor length silver cloak that I shall make for my halloween costume. Material doesn’t matter, just silver or maybe white. Shimmery. Maybe velvet or some halloween stuff?  At Joann’s please.  I’m about 5′ 9″ and I want it just above the ground.  While it would be super cool to have it trail on the ground, it would get dirty and I would trip.

I think Velvet or Satin would work best, since they are both on sale for cheap.  But how many yards would be needed?

And how would I find a pattern? For a full circle hooded cloak.

If anyone wants to know, I think I shall be a hunter of Artemis. Yes, because of Percy Jackson. I shall wear my camp half-blood tee, some jeans and maybe a skirt over, my cloak, and carry a sword, maybe bow.

There are reasons why the first velvet and satin cloak most people make is also the last one they make in that combination.  Both are difficult to sew (well) fabrics, made even more difficult by marrying them — pick one or the other, And stay away from the lame, too — not nice to work with.

A full circular cloak is also going to be heavy and bulky.  Half circles are plenty full at floor length.  A fully circular cloak for someone your size would have a hemline of about 190″, almost 16 ft.

Avoid the “Kinsale Cloak” — there’s too much fabric gathered at the neckline for sanity.

If you really and truly want a full circle cape, I’d go for something that doesn’t need hemming, like one of the knits, or a synthetic that you can cut with a hot knife.

Halloween 2010: Poison Ivy Costume Inspired by Uma Thurman

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