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Plus Size Halloween Costumes Victorian

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OK ideas on a costume, what are your thoughts?

OK im a 21 year old male, trying to figure out what to dress up as for a Halloween party i was invited to, Im trying to keep it halfway normal, and functional to a degree. What are your thoughts on these clothes: A dress Vest/clothes of some type, sorta like this guy http://www.partycity.com/product/adult+victorian+vampire+costume.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all
+ plus this mask http://www.partycity.com/product/phantom+of+the+opera+half+mask.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all
+ this type of cape http://www.partycity.com/product/adult+black+hooded+cape.do?sortby=priceAscend&pp=20&size=all
+ maybe some sword or like that cane in the first pic, or maybe one of these two http://www.partycity.com/product/death%27s+dagger+weapon.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all
or http://www.partycity.com/product/hidden+dagger+gauntlet.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all

that would look sexy, do you have a gf?

Sexy Vampire Costumes

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