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Popular Halloween Costumes 2009 Kids

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Buzz Lightyear Costume – Absolutely A Well-loved

Buzz Lightyear is a favorite among children, particularly young boys. The smoothness of Buzz is that of a space ranger and one of the many characters in the story, therefore it’s wise that he is a well liked character to dress like for Halloween and other dress up games. The character represents authority coupled with goodness providing order where there is chaos. He is brave and loyal even when there is danger to himself, which makes him great role model for kids. Many boys that are dressed in the Buzz Lightyear costume adopt the character that they saw in the movie and run around the house loudly yelling his slogan, one arm raised high.

Toy Story began in 1995 as a Disney Production and among the first major computer animated films of its time. It quickly rose as one of the top films for children (and secretly for adults) as they could not get enough of the movie. Several follow up movies have been made and, then, in 2009, they released the popular Toy Story 2 as a 3-D animation release, which was particularly exciting for children everywhere.

The Buzz Lightyear character has not only been a hit with the costumes but his likeness has appeared on tee shirts, pj’s and even stuffed dolls have been made in his image as well. Therefore, among children, the character is very popular and very well received globally. Children that dress in the Buzz Lightyear costume feel they have to imitate their super hero, which of course for adults to watch is adorable.

The costumes are available in sizes from toddlers entirely to adult sizes, although the biggest sellers are definitely for children. One particularly nice thing about the Buzz Lightyear costume is that it is not just a once a year Halloween costume. The fact is, many little boys want to use it as pretend and will create their whole Toy Story world right in their bedrooms. Of course, the costumes do make one of the best for Halloween,but it is not at all a costume your child will need to put in the closet once Halloween is over. Don’t be surprised if your child desires to put it on to school!

As Halloween approaches, it a very good idea to get your costume early because if you wait until the last minute the costumes may become out of stock. If your child has his heart set on dressing up as Buzz Lightyear, it can be very traumatic to not find his size, so shop early.

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Top 10 Kids Costumes Halloween 2009

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