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Scary Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas

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scary homemade halloween costumes ideas

Teenager Halloween Costumes you can make at home

Halloween is getting closer and you or your tween wants a new costume for the big day.

They are in the awkward stage of not being a child and wanting to be an adult. Your teenagers Halloween costume may need some guidance from you.

Tweens are always wanting to try new things and deciding on a tween Halloween costume be agony.  You are hoping that your child does not want to be a stripper or something grotesque.  There are a ton of choices available to purchase, almost on every corner by now.  Dragging your son or daughter shopping for hours trying to find something you both like and that it fits properly can be more agony.  Why not try something new this year and make the costume at home with your child.  There are many articles in Halloween Marketplace.com that have TERRIFIC ideas on halloween costumes, how to make them and where to get your supplies.  They show you how to make homemade Halloween costumes for the big pumpkin day or any costume you may need during the year.

The site of full of ideas to get your inspiration flowing from cute and sweet to dark and scary. You start with a basic idea and then can add trim and accessories til your heart is content to get just what your son or daughter wants.  And the added bonus is, making the costume at home with them you get to have your say about how it ends looking.

Big and tall or short and small, you are making the pattern so you know it will fit.  Is it going to be cold for the big night, you can take the measurements with warm clothes on so they look good in their costume and be comfy all night.  Then you use paper towel to make the pattern!  Another bonus is this site shows how to sew the costume together or for those of us that are sewing challenged, they show you how to glue the costume together!  What can be better than spending an evening making a Halloween costume with your child.  You might be so thrilled with what you created that you will want to make a costume for yourself.

scary homemade halloween costumes

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