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toddler halloween costume?

I know it’s early but I want to start checking Ebay for halloween costumes (and so many of the costumes are either one.) My 2 year old will NOT wear any kind of hat or headband. I also want something warm and cute. Last year she was a chicken, it was a hooded jacket and that worked well but it doesn’t fit her anymore. Any ideas?

My daughter was the same way so one year we made her costume…and it was one of the cheapest I ever got away with…I simply bought cardboard and string and made her a green m&m (because that’s the only girl you ever see) and she was able to just put it over her outfit. At the age of two my daughter was really into princess stuff so we just simply did her make up, hair, and put a fancy dress on her with a nice warm shirt underneith…she loved that one also. It was probably second cheapest…it had roses all over it so we called her the rose princess. My boys did hobos one year…flannel shirt and washable maskara to make their beards and mustashes and then went out and bought some crazy hats. This is one of those holidays that I attempt to be creative and pinch pennies at the same time so that I can spend more for christmas…kids esspecially little girls love to play dress up so don’t be scared to check out the toy isle for dress up clothes. I know one mother who tells her children she’s not buying costumes and they had to use their own creativity…her boys dressed up like their sisters and visa versa… then she would help them last minute to pull the costumes together with something to complete it such as a wig or what not. I bet that the chicken was cute though…well…good luck…and have fun with it.

Dorothy Costume From the Wizard of Oz

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