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Toddler Halloween Costumes – Spiderman

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toddler halloween costumes spiderman

Boo Babies Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Every year kids of all ages dress up fun costumes and walk around their neighborhoods collecting all sorts of candy. This time of the year is almost on us again and for many youngsters it will be their first year to fool or treat. If you have got a young one preparing for their first trek around town you are likely starting to think about Halloween costumes for toddlers. Below are a few things you must consider.


The number one thing to bear in mind about Halloween costumes for toddlers is safety. Most manufacturers today also keep this to mind , however you should do due diligence before dressing your little one up this year.

A Halloween costume for toddlers should not have any small beads or dangling items that they can tear loose and put in their mouth. Toddlers are susceptible to exploring the world first with their hands but nearly, everything they touch goes in the mouth. Costumes for babies shouldn’t be too long, tight round the neck or have anything that ties round the neck, as this is a strangling jeopardy.


Once you have determined the costumes you are looking at meet all of the safety rules above it’s time to choose the perfect babies Halloween costume. Costumes will fall into two general classes, never-ending and current characters.

Timeless Costumes

Some examples of timeless child’s costumes are Cinderella, Strawberry Shortcake, Spiderman and Superman. These costumes have been about for many years and show no appearances of vanishing soonish. Besides, everybody loves a classic toddlers costume like spineless Lion, Darth Vader or The pussy in the Hat.

It is excellent to see your baby all dressed up in a similar costume to one you could have worn when you were tiny, for example the blue and white gingham dress and ruby slippers from that never-ending classic The wizard of Oz. This lovable toddlers Halloween costume has accessories that may be purchases separately, rather than a trick or treat bag children can carry a reproduction of Dorothy’s basket complete with a plush Toto dog!

New for 2009

The latest cartoons and smash flicks regularly play a massive role in the new Halloween costumes for toddlers each year. For 2009, you can expect to see additions like Transformers, Harry Potter’s Hedwig the Owl, and X-Men Wolverine costumes.

Other New children Halloween costumes include : Snow White Baby, Hannah Montana, Baby Hulk, and Spiderman three Black.

If you and yours are Star Wars fans, everybody can crash the action. New this year are Princess Lei, Darth Vader and Yoda costumes for the child all of the way up to adult. There is nothing cuter than a toddler running around looking like a mini Chewbacca or R2D2! All these costumes are made with snaps and Velcro for safety and look totally darling.


Halloween is a good time of year that the whole family can enjoy and when it comes to choosing your Halloween costumes for toddlers you will have plenty to select from. However don’t wait too long because the great costumes regularly sell out pretty swiftly, especially if you are thinking of going with a new and trendy look.

Keep safety foremost in your brain while picking thru Halloween costumes for toddlers and you’ll have a wonderful time this year. Online and local retailers are shaping up for a fun a scary vacation.

by Russ D. Edwards

Spiderman Costume

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